Saturday, December 11, 2010


sharing with you
a few shots of my COOL MOVES, project 1
~ especially made for USTAMP with Dawn & friends~
enjoy ;)


  1. Rebecca, when you say you made the items above for UStamp, does that mean she kits them? Or you made them for a swap? Or...?

    Which set do the reindeer and cute little tree come from? I also left a bunch of comments on these same pics in your FB album.

    This is by far the best use of the tree stamp set I've ever seen! I'd love to see instructions on how to make it, if they exist.

  2. hi there, long time no chatter ;)

    to answer: USTAMP is an online event that features 40+ exculsively designed "SU only" projects over a period of time, plus each project has it's own printable PDF file of "how-to" instructions + list of materials/colors, etc, so that you can complete the project.... we also do live chats & prizes... lots of FUN... you can chose to participate alot or a little.... (no kits)

    so if you wanted the instructions for this project, you would have to join the COOL MOVES ustamp event which I believe is approx $24.95, but you will also get instructions for 39+ other projects (most of which were really nice) ;)

    & thank you very much for the compliment -- glad you enjoyed these cards... R ;)