Sunday, February 5, 2012

perhaps that bald eagle was EDGAR?

A few days ago, it was cold & crisp, in the late afternoon.
There was a small flock of ducks tucked in close to the shore,
when all of a sudden they took to the air in flurry of different directions...
I ran for the door, camera in hand, knowing our bald eagle was quite handy...
This was is it, a great chance to capture a few close shots of our not so shy bald eagle...
Well, let me tell you, when you can plainly see a bald eagle's eyes - you are close,
probably too close, however, photographing him, isn't quite as easy as it would seem,
especially when he is being pursued by a not so friendly crow.
A crow definitely not interested in sharing the neighborhood...
(Yes, crows will chase eagles!)
It was quite a show, they were flight & fight ~
making several swoops around the homes, phonelines & shore line,
before the crow gave the eagle his well earned space
(he really worked for it).
Quite amazing to watch a crow aggressively bully a bald eagle from his territory...
While watching the antics of the 2 birds,
I was reminded of my friend, Ros Beaudet,
she has written a couple of children's books:
one of the characters was named EDGAR EAGLE.
perhaps that bald eagle was EDGAR?
fun to imagine...
more information on these wonderful books can be found at:

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