Monday, March 7, 2011

Working Away at Ustamp Projects ;)

ok, so I feel like I've been missing in action.... but really it's not the case ;)
I've been doing alot of behind the scenes at Ustamp & I thought it might be nice to share a couple pictures of a past Ustamp project.... ;)

ok, so let's see who really reads the small print....

I have 1 FREE PASS to GIVEWAY to BIG SHOT BRILLIANCE with a twist!!

This fun challenge for me & it's a great way for all of us to make new stamping friends!!

I've been challenged to go and make a NEW friend on the internet, someone I do not know on any level.
So if you happen to be the very first person to read this & don't know me nor have ever been part of a USTAMP event in the past - then quickly post below - that you'd like that USTAMP FREE PASS & email me (link on the side bar) with your email address....

hurry, I only have 1 FREE PASS for a perfect stamping stranger, who will get a new friend (+ a whole bunch of USTAMPER friends, too) & yes, I know this sounds crazy; but hey, we stampers are a bit crazy over our paper & stamps & we love the share the FUN!! ;)


  1. Love it ... absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Not sure if I qualify here Rebecca, we don't specifically know each other but I visit your blog and have left comments before. However, I'd LOVE to score a free pass to UStamp. Cheers, Kasey

  3. This is beautiful Rebecca, that stamp set is so pretty. Love the colours you've used.

  4. oh poop missed the chance - but while I am here....the project is gorgeous - I hope you all have a fabby time!

  5. & the winner is KASEY ;)


    Kasey, see you at USTAMP with Dawn & Friends ~ BIG SHOT Brilliance ;) thanks R ;)

  6. OMG....OMG....I won! How cool is that? Thank you Rebecca. So looking forward to learning lots more tips and tricks for using the big shot!

    Yay Me!

    Cheers, Kasey

  7. Great set - love it. TFS