Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stamping Friends & Email Surprizes

lol, you never know when you are going to get a wonderful surprize -- the other day was a monday -- not just a regular monday, but real gloom & doom monday, the kind that shakes you around & you remember all about Murphy`s Law... I was thinking, how on earth am I ``gonna get it all done, cope, survive`` all this holiday stuff & everyday life & curve balls, etc, etc, etc... yup, the pressure was on... later that night, I finally sat down & checked my email, low & behold an email from a recent `new found` stamping friend... that email threw me right back into `reality` -- completely made my day!! & totally washed away all that yucky `gloom & doom monday` stuff -- just like that -- lol, maybe not quite cloud 9, but atleast 8.5 or so... what a welcome surprize!! stick around & in a few days I`ll tell you more about that email & maybe even find some blog candy, until then HAPPY STAMPING ;) R

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